Engage with your communities on your terms

Keeping up with online communities is overwhelming - there are so many platforms, and so much noise. So, we’ve created a tool for you to interact with content more humanly.

We’re starting by using your wallet and preferences to bring you a bespoke daily web3 newsletter. It’s powered by user-generated content and curation, enabled by our Engagement Protocol, and controlled by you.

Unjumble your crypto experience with a custom daily newsletter
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We’re building big things

Disaggregated tooling and platforms affect both user experience and community growth, but we’re solving this with a novel, gradual approach. Using modular building blocks, we’re creating an accessible and dynamic hub for social coordination - customisable by both communities and end users. We’re letting users customise what, when and how they see things, and allowing communities, groups and creators to build using the best tools, and true integration.

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Customisable feeds

Customise what you see with granularity. Whether it’s types of communities, types of content, sources or more - the unjumble feed lets you access your web2 and web3 creators the way you want to.

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Engage more flexibly

You’ll be able to track more types of engagement, across more platforms. And you’ll be rewarded for it in even more ways.

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A home for communities

We’re creating a dynamic, flexible and modular community hub. Currently, a community or following’s activities - relationships, products, communication and content - are disaggregated across tooling and platforms. Our modular approach allows creators to go deeper and do more, without sacrificing UX.

Two phones with example screenshots of unjumble

How will unjumble help you?

No more doom-scrolling

Overwhelmed and struggling to keep up with Twitter and Discord? Unjumble separates the signals from the noise - you’re in control.

Free and fast

Quick to sign-up but as customised as you want. Plus, free to use!

A hub for communities

Our newsletter is just the start - we’re creating a true hub for all your communities, with a customisable user experience.

Modular approach

We’re future-proofing from day one. This starts by bringing together more content from both web2 and web3 infrastructure.

Engagement Protocol

Simple, flexible, composable rewards for engagement. Whether you curate or create content for your communities, we recognise and reward you.

Human-powered discovery

Our tools don’t just scrape official data, we help you discover content you’ll love, from real community members!

Meet the Engagement Protocol

Engage flexibly to level up and change your Engagement NFT. It’s all composable - you don’t just get features and rewards from unjumble - anyone can seek out and reward permissionlessly.


From Twitter integration to bounties from your communities, we’re creating easy-to-use tools that fit how you already engage in web3.


We’re building the simplest system to recognise engagement across communities - by creating a user-first, flexible and collaborative system.


We’ve created beautiful generative NFTs that change as you level up. They’re all unique, and with special secrets (have you heard of The List?).


The Engagement Protocol is the marker of user engagement. Level up to get rewards from both unjumble and others - we’re combining privacy with permissionless, organic building.